Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Favoritt Song Is Called Litle Black Book By Jimmy Dean

People always says about how they remember were they was when John F Kennedy was asassunated. I tried but i coudnt remember were I was becaus i was only one year and three months old. But later we lived in Kennedy Hieghts and my shcool was named Kennedy Hts Elemmentery Scool.

On April Tenth 1970 i was at my best friend Jim Cunninghams house so i was almost 8 years old then and we was playing downstairs. His big sister had barby dolls all over the living room flore. they had a fun living room too play in with a big old arm chair you could hide behind. Then we went in the kitchen and i saw her in the corner standing their by the radio crying. and she had the radio on and she told us the beetles broke up. but i dident know much about any beetles because my favorit song was called Littel Black Book By Jimmy Dean and I even had the record too.