Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Tril Chill + Excitment

Down the street were i live is a old haunted hause, it has a gate with iron bars a round it and bords on the windows It looks realy haunted. I found a window and snuck in becuase maybe there wuold be tresures hidden in the house I went in and i saw a lady walking back and fourth in the dark, you could see her thoug she was glowing and her eyes was banded up so you cuoldent see them at all And she dident say nothin, Then she kept coming at me I dident kno what to do then i knew and i reached out and polled down the blindfold. her eyes was twice as big as the eyes on a reel girl, and they was looking rite at me. Then I ran out the house and never went back thier and i never walked by it agen until after they tore it down.


Ladys and Gentilmen I had to rite up a new story becaus at an other blog this man Indimnecy thinks he is righting chills. That is not true as you know my block is called "Story Book of Trils and Chills + Excitment" That is reel becaus I called it first so you can not come arownd latter and say you are riting chills when i said it first. Please tell Mr. Indimnemincy he can post up any storys he wants but he shuold not say they are chills. Also he was picking on Miss Pansi so I do not think he is verry nice.

PS Miss Pansi is living in the Nether World now and may be i can vissit her soon!