Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Dreme

I dremed I was running alot and it was looked just like this!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is my Teddy Baer. He had a coupel of operashins my grandmother made him helthy agian. His clothes got all mesed up with holes in them becuase he likes to walk in his sleep. So my grandma took som of my old cloths with holes in them and cut out the holes and fixed them up for him to were. Now hes calling his agint on the hot line about a audishin. But he didint know i was listining. He wants to get a part playing in a movie. Then he can play Mr. Jr. Hobbs who is a famis stufft anamal. it will be a hit movie about spys called Gone With the Cap Pistoles.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Here is a list of 100 words if you can spel all of them you can win a speling be!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jess lives at a Touch of Sweetniss wanted to nomanate me for the Thinking Blocker but she made a misteak my adress is indeterminacy11 and she rote indeterminacy instaed so eviryone thought she ment that other blog. thats ok becuase when your thinking as mutch as Jess your bound to make tiney mistaeks like that. I like Jess becaus i know if i ever stole appels from her tree she wuold pritend she dident see it and not tell my mom.

Now i get to nomanate my own list of thinking blogers! its like a meme to so you can do it to if you follow all the rules. Im going to quote them as i did not rite them myself:

Rule 1: "If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think."
Rule 2: "Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme."
Rule 3: "Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award."

My Nomanashins:

1. Mister Pascova rites a blog with lots of words. Ok eviry one rites words when they rite but Mr. Pascova will rite a word and then think abuot what it meens and then eviryone else rites what they think it meens and eviry one is thinking. so it is easy too see why Mister Pascova is a thinking blogger.

2. Tom and Icy is also thinking blogers becuase when you look at the picures their you can see these thot baloons just like they have in comic books this prooves that evry one is thinking. Allso cuz dogs think more than poeple.

3. Jamie thinks alot she runs a reely big family and evry one is doing crazy things exsept her and if she dident think every one wood go crazy! Jamie is allso a member of my top secrit club called S.A.C.A.D.A. but even if she wasent i wuold vote for her i am honist and imparshel.

4. Hobbes is the new owner of Pansi Files i miss Pansi but he is all so a bloger that thinks alot just like Pansi used to i think he is a disstint cousen of Winnie The Pooh who is allso a grate thinker so obvyisly it runs in the family.

5. Cheese Meister is caled Meister because she is allso a mesiter of thinking she has fifty branes and a zillion blogs you got a think alot when you got so many blogs. And Pansi is living with Miss Cheese Meister and helping her think so now i can go visit Miss Pansi in the Niether World.

Friday, May 04, 2007

This is the offishul top secrit S.A.C.A.D.A. club insignea beeware of cownterfits!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Tril Chill + Excitment

Down the street were i live is a old haunted hause, it has a gate with iron bars a round it and bords on the windows It looks realy haunted. I found a window and snuck in becuase maybe there wuold be tresures hidden in the house I went in and i saw a lady walking back and fourth in the dark, you could see her thoug she was glowing and her eyes was banded up so you cuoldent see them at all And she dident say nothin, Then she kept coming at me I dident kno what to do then i knew and i reached out and polled down the blindfold. her eyes was twice as big as the eyes on a reel girl, and they was looking rite at me. Then I ran out the house and never went back thier and i never walked by it agen until after they tore it down.


Ladys and Gentilmen I had to rite up a new story becaus at an other blog this man Indimnecy thinks he is righting chills. That is not true as you know my block is called "Story Book of Trils and Chills + Excitment" That is reel becaus I called it first so you can not come arownd latter and say you are riting chills when i said it first. Please tell Mr. Indimnemincy he can post up any storys he wants but he shuold not say they are chills. Also he was picking on Miss Pansi so I do not think he is verry nice.

PS Miss Pansi is living in the Nether World now and may be i can vissit her soon!

Friday, November 24, 2006

I Need a Seceretary

This is Thanksgiving Weekend so first off all I want to say Thankyous. Thank you Mister Pascova for feeturing me at you're websight seviral weeks ago. Mr. Pascova writes a blog by Ambross Bearce where he gives you one word to lern eviry day I like it better than shcool becaus we always get twenty words and more to lern each day and Mr. Pascovas ideer is better. You ony have to lern one word each day.

Thank you also too all the nice poeple who comented and Happy Thanksgiving. So many peeople wrot nice comments and want to join my Twilight Zone Club and you are all welcom to join so i gotta write out a long list with all the new members. But Mr. Pascova posted my report card to and you can see i got a F in handriting.

Thats why i need a secertary I asked Miss Pansi who is a nice lady at Pansifiles but she got a lot a job ofers and i dont know if she can come to work for me. I spent all of the last weeks looking for old pop bottels to turn in I get 1 cent for eveiry bottel and got 11 cents allredy. So i will be abel to give Miss Pansi a big rays if she comes to the Twilight Zone Club. I hope she will come becus my handriting is really terrable.

And we also got a lot a new misions as any one can see by these leters we got in the Twilight Zone Club Newsleter. Miss Pansi will have a lot of fun working as my secritairy becouse she can rite in secrit code. i got all the secrit code tempplates that was free-insides in the Pop Tart Boxes.

A carrear in the Twilight Zone Club is ferthermor a life of trils chills and excitment. So in conclusen evirybody please tell Miss Pansi to come work for me I think she is also a nice lady to.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Favoritt Song Is Called Litle Black Book By Jimmy Dean

People always says about how they remember were they was when John F Kennedy was asassunated. I tried but i coudnt remember were I was becaus i was only one year and three months old. But later we lived in Kennedy Hieghts and my shcool was named Kennedy Hts Elemmentery Scool.

On April Tenth 1970 i was at my best friend Jim Cunninghams house so i was almost 8 years old then and we was playing downstairs. His big sister had barby dolls all over the living room flore. they had a fun living room too play in with a big old arm chair you could hide behind. Then we went in the kitchen and i saw her in the corner standing their by the radio crying. and she had the radio on and she told us the beetles broke up. but i dident know much about any beetles because my favorit song was called Littel Black Book By Jimmy Dean and I even had the record too.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Black Rock Cave

One day a man was going to camp in a cave. in death vally. He set up his sleeping bag. Then it started to rian, and then lightning struck in front of the cave, and made a rock to heavy to move fall in front of the cave. It was pitch black except for his fire. Then there was an earthquack and rocks came of and he saw flesh and blood in the rocks from other campers. and there was something carved in the rock that said leave - or this will be you. And than he looked and had to addmit it was him. Unfortuonatly he didn't scare easly so he decided to investagate. Then all of a sudden - he turned around and discovered he discovered the tunnel of time! He was going back in time! Then he couldn't go any further he was in the begining of time, to die, die in this hot earth.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Ghost Of The Cabouse

One night the staition master went to check the cabouse because he heard some noises. When he got there the door was locked, then he heard a loud noise. And then the door was unlocked. He went in and then the door locked itself. And the train started with no driver. Then the cabos whent off a cliff and fell on a ledge. Then a man was hicking by the tracks. Finilly he managed too look down and he saw the cabouse. He got a rope and climed down and went in the cabous. And then the door locked. He heard noises behind him slowly he turned around and all he saw was two shadows one was his and the other one looked like the staition masters shadow, He looked up and he saw a ghost. It had a knife and the ghost was about to stab him he coughldn't run he was scared stiff. But then he remembered if you close your eyes a ghost can't hurt you so he did so and when he opened his eyes he was back on the train track.

The End ........

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Haunted Hotel

One stormy night a man was going to a hotel but he fell into a trap. He tried as hard as he could but he coughdn't get out. So he felt for sercret paseges, he found some loose bricks he had found a secret passage. It led right in to the hotel. But it looked desearted so he dicieded he could have any room he wanted. The one he picked didnt have any windows or lights. But he took it any way. And when he got in bed he couldnt sleep so he got up. Then he saw the door slowly open. it was a skeletin then it threw an ax and killed him.

The End

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Taperecorder

One day a boy was walking home from shcoll, going through the woods. Then he saw a taperecorder. Wait'll I get home, I'll record every thing on this tape. When he got home he tried it all he heard was horriball sounds. He ereased it but he heard the same thing. Then he played the other side he heard the same thing. He erassed that to but this time it sounded like someones voice. Hey wait this is my brothers voice who died 6 years ago. but we never had a taperecorder, hey thats funny its ticking. If i'm right this is a bomb. I'll throw it out the window. Boom! Now i'll find out who put it there. It was my mean old brother Howard. He did it. Well he didnt blow me up, he bluw up himself.

The End .........

Thursday, August 17, 2006

He Won't Listen to Tornatoe Warnings

I'll turn on the radio and listen to rock and roll. Click on it gos. There is to be a tornatoe warning. Click off it goes. I don't have to listen to that. The last time there was a tornatoe warning there was no tornatoe. so there won't be one now. I think I'll go out and play some more. Hey what's that in the distance. A tornatoe! Help! Why isn't anyone saving me. I'll have to get out of here. I'm running but i'm not geting anywhere. Help! i'm being lifted by the tornatoe. But then it droped him and the tornatoe was gone. And he was dead.

The End *****

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Mystery of the Red Skull

Two boyscouts wandered off to find some rocks. Then Jim saw a rock with a red skull.

look said Jim.
I'll try to break it out with this other rock said Fred.
I guess it wont work, that thing is in there solid said Fred.
Hey Fred the skulls gone.
Jim look out duck said Fred

I'll throw this rock at it said Jim.
I'm afraid that thing is in the rock solid again. said Fred.
Well than lets get out of here and back to our troup said Jim.

And you can be sure they never wondered off again no mater what.

The End *****

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haunted Buckingham Palace

Two men were out one stormy night. And they were tired. So they saw a castle lets spend the night there Joe said Jack. And they went in side. And then they set up there sleeping bags, but then they woke up at 12:00.

Still raining said Joe.
Hey whats that said Jack.
Its a ghost said Joe.
Have any ideas said Jack
Yes lets get out of hear, said Joe.
But first how do we get out said Jack.
I don't know said Joe.
Hey wheres that ghost said Joe
Hey hey duck bats said Joe.
Hey look at that hole said Jack.
Then lets get out of here said Joe And they ran off.

And they never went back there again not even in braud daylight.

THE END *****

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Monster

One night at 12:00 a meteor crashed in Cincinati. Just when it crashed there was an orange glow. Two men went to see what the orange glow was. And when they got there the glow was gone but they did manage to see a giant tail dissipere in the water. So they went back home. And then the monster came out of the water. Destroing everything in sight. Then someone called the army just before the monster knocked down the brige. Then the army got there and , started to fire at it but it didn't hurt the monster. Then someone thought of using their secret weapon the super atomic bomb they tryed it and the monster was destroyed.

The End *****

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Scientists

Roy and Harry two scientists were walking in a cave. Then Roy said look at those footprints. They lead to that rock over heer. Lets roll it away. This fossil is a . hey who put this rock back in place, and wheres Harry? Well i'm going to get out of heer even if harry is gone. I better light a match first Thanks for lighting my match. Hey thats funny theres noone here but me to light a match Help let me out of heer. Roy Roy wait, all i wanted to do is to light that match for you.

The End *********