Friday, August 18, 2006

The Taperecorder

One day a boy was walking home from shcoll, going through the woods. Then he saw a taperecorder. Wait'll I get home, I'll record every thing on this tape. When he got home he tried it all he heard was horriball sounds. He ereased it but he heard the same thing. Then he played the other side he heard the same thing. He erassed that to but this time it sounded like someones voice. Hey wait this is my brothers voice who died 6 years ago. but we never had a taperecorder, hey thats funny its ticking. If i'm right this is a bomb. I'll throw it out the window. Boom! Now i'll find out who put it there. It was my mean old brother Howard. He did it. Well he didnt blow me up, he bluw up himself.

The End .........

1 comment:

weirsdo said...

I wonder what Howard would have said if you played him backwards!