Friday, November 24, 2006

I Need a Seceretary

This is Thanksgiving Weekend so first off all I want to say Thankyous. Thank you Mister Pascova for feeturing me at you're websight seviral weeks ago. Mr. Pascova writes a blog by Ambross Bearce where he gives you one word to lern eviry day I like it better than shcool becaus we always get twenty words and more to lern each day and Mr. Pascovas ideer is better. You ony have to lern one word each day.

Thank you also too all the nice poeple who comented and Happy Thanksgiving. So many peeople wrot nice comments and want to join my Twilight Zone Club and you are all welcom to join so i gotta write out a long list with all the new members. But Mr. Pascova posted my report card to and you can see i got a F in handriting.

Thats why i need a secertary I asked Miss Pansi who is a nice lady at Pansifiles but she got a lot a job ofers and i dont know if she can come to work for me. I spent all of the last weeks looking for old pop bottels to turn in I get 1 cent for eveiry bottel and got 11 cents allredy. So i will be abel to give Miss Pansi a big rays if she comes to the Twilight Zone Club. I hope she will come becus my handriting is really terrable.

And we also got a lot a new misions as any one can see by these leters we got in the Twilight Zone Club Newsleter. Miss Pansi will have a lot of fun working as my secritairy becouse she can rite in secrit code. i got all the secrit code tempplates that was free-insides in the Pop Tart Boxes.

A carrear in the Twilight Zone Club is ferthermor a life of trils chills and excitment. So in conclusen evirybody please tell Miss Pansi to come work for me I think she is also a nice lady to.